NING presents MUSIC

Norwegian contemporary ensemble NING arrive at Plex with MUSIC. In an hour long performance they explore what music can do, what it might be, and what it can mean. MUSIC explores (and answers?) three main questions:

1- WHAT ?

Music is memory
Music is movement
Music is freshly falling snow
Music is tragedy
Music is silence
Music is words
Music is birds

2- WHY?

- Because John Cage said that “everything that is happening makes a sound.”
- Because we grew up with ”We are the world”
- Because we want a challenge.
- Because the audience wants a challange
- Because we enjoy it
- Because it is important
- Because we don´t want a job in a symphony orchestra (or maybe we can´t get one)
- Because 20 000 years ago someone made a flute out of a bone

3- HOW?

- Overhead projections
- Knives and spoons
- Pianostrings and speakers
- Whistles and cymbals
- Flutes and footballs
- Words and bodies

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